Tiny Heartbeats is a non profit organization for pregnant women. We provide fetal monitors to pregnant women who have previously been through fetal miscarriage, fetal demise, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirths, lost a child to complications from pregnancy, or those women in high risk pregnancies. 

My son Ethan was stillborn at 7 months pregnant on June 25, 2007. His cord got tangled up and developed 2 blood clots and as a result, his tiny heart just stopped beating.

We now have a beautiful boy, Eli, who was born on July 22, 2008 and a just as beautiful little girl born January 5, 2010. I used a fetal doppler throughout my pregnancies, and it provided great peace of mind for me.  Ethan lives on through helping provide the same comfort and peace of mind for those who use our services.  I miss my little boy every day, and it means so much that his short time inside me is forever helping others and their soon to be born children.


"It is not how long a star shines but the brightness of its light."  (unknown)


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